Introvert Meaning in Hindi

Introvert Meaning in Hindi

एक व्यक्ति जिसका व्यक्तित्व अंतर्मुखता की विशेषता है: एक विशिष्ट रूप से आरक्षित या शांत व्यक्ति जो आत्मविश्लेषी होता है और अकेले समय बिताना पसंद करता है

A person whose personality is characterized by introversion : a typically reserved or quiet person who tends to be introspective and enjoys spending time alone.

What are the advantages of being an Introvert as an HR Professional

individuals with introverted personalities just process things differently and require more time to analyse situations.

Ideally, introverts are know to be:

• Great listeners and are highly observant

• Form quality friendships

• Make compassionate leaders

• Think before they speak

• Network strategically and effectively

With the mentioned qualities, it is apparent that introverted HR Professionals can perform just as well, if not better, than their extroverted counterparts.

That said, here are five advantages of being an introvert as an HR professional:

Introverts are deep thinkers and great problem solvers

Introverts are deep thinkers, which means they tend to look at issues deeply and take time to analyse things before coming up with a solution. This is because they have the ability to consider multiple scenarios rather than being focused on one way of solving a problem. This is a critical quality for an HR Professional as it means they will always find a way to tackle challenges no matter how big they seem.

Maintain focus and create long-lasting impressions

Introverts don’t seek to engage everybody in the room. Instead, they prefer to interact one-on-one with a few individuals, which helps create meaningful and long-lasting relationships. An HR Professional with an introverted personality can interact with people who matter to develop relationships that can benefit the company now and in the future.

Elevate calm and quiet

In an environment where most people are talkative, it helps to have someone who brings calm and quiet. More importantly, a calm demeanor decreases stress in other employees especially when leading a complex change program or dealing with a highly emotional sensitive situation. An HR Professional who is calm can be the balance that is needed in any stressful situation.

They are great listeners

Introverts are naturally adept when it comes to actively listening, they enjoy listening without interrupting and are comfortable with any silences in a conversation. Extroverted people are more inclined to jump into a conversation before fully processing what the other person has said. Not because they’re selfish or don’t care but because they process information interactively.

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They are very observant

In addition to their superior listening skills, introverts are very observant which is a key skill for HR Professionals. Introverts notice things extroverts might not notice because they are talking and processing information verbally. Although it may look like introverts are just sitting quietly during a meeting. They are actually soaking in the information that’s being presented and thinking critically. Which allows them to read the room, notice people’s body language and facial expressions, which makes them better at interpersonal communication

Ultimately though it is very important that introverted HR Professionals learn to harness this power to make sure it works in harmony with the personalities of their extroverted colleagues. It is important at this point to remember that there are no right or wrong preferences and HR Professionals with extravert preferences have their benefits as well.

However,as I identify myself as an introvert it was only when I started to really understand how my preferences of working. How I needed time and space to think and reflect. How I loved working with people and networking but I also needed quiet time to get my energy back. That I understood how to elevate my career to the next level.

When I am coaching HR Professionals who identify themselves as introverted preference we often have to find ways to ensure that their voice is heard in meetings especially if the meetings are virtual. In one situation a Senior HR Director decided that at all Board meetings she would speak first. This was totally outside her comfort zone as an introverted preference she would prefer to think through her point before speaking but by doing this the meeting was finished and she was not making any impact or having her point of view heard.

Finally, HR Professional introverts are especially skilled at noticing introvert qualities in others. They can tell when a person is thinking and processing information and being comfortable to give them the space to do this. Which makes people feel much more comfortable and allowing them to really connect with them. This is a skill that can differentiate between a good HR Professional and a great HR Professional.

How to be Introvert

Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking

Some of the world’s most talented people are introverts – without them we wouldn’t have the Apple computer, the theory of relativity and Van Gogh’s sunflowers. In Quiet, Susan Cain shows how society misunderstands and undervalues introverts while giving them the tools to better understand themselves and take full advantage of their strengths.

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