Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)

Advice Startups, Companies to build a fast and effective people model to structure human capital in more efficiently

We help Startups, Companies to design HR functions, policies, and processes in a cost-effective and fast-track manner.  We also deploy implants onsite in client place to manage the end2end hire to retire HR functions for the startups

Why we

What make us different


With our services, many of the startsup had already scaleup the business. Our decade of expertise suits startups setup HR Opretaion in cost efficient way.

Cost Effective

There are only few like us provide end-2-end HR services in one umbrella. Our expertise network helps startups to build HR process efficiently.


Our advisory network works very fast as per the domain expertise and provide services and solutions in fast and effective manner.

We are the only advisory firm formed by the vastly experienced best of industries HR & Legal professionals, helping startups to build HR functions, processes and policies most efficiently.

What we do

Our Service Portfolio

HR Process & Policies
Setup HR functions for startups
Manpower Ramp-up
Exclusive low cost, high productive team hiring
Team Building
Activities and Simulations to drive & engage Team
HR Process Outsourcing
Manage the entire HR functions

How we do

Our Approach

We structure HR process and employee policies in the most legitimate manner to avoid legal violations and create a people practices culture in an employee-friendly manner.

Hiring the right talent at the right cost is one of the key aspects of successful startups. We adopt a fast and cost-efficient process to help start-ups build manpower.

Engaging and motivating the team toward the organization’s goals, vision & mission is important. We conduct different customized activities and simulations to keep them engaged and work on startup ideas.

We deploy implants onside in client locations and manage the entire Hire to Retire HR functions in concurrence with management.

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