Payroll & Compliances

Assist corporates to compute error-free payroll with ensuring 100% labour compliance

Payroll & Labour Compliance are the key functions of any corporate to ensure greater employee satisfaction and prevent the risk of non-compliance. Our domain experts are agile to manage the end-2-end payroll & labour compliance, filing returns & others for the clients. 

Why we

What make us different


We observed many of the payroll error can be avoided. We share draft payroll before the final payroll run to ensure "Zero-Error" payroll processing.


To ensure accurate payroll & compliance, we incorporate check-sheet and periodical audit by our internal QA team. So error not impact client as non-compliance


We escalate in case of non adharence of any process which may lead to non-compliance for the client to the higher level to prevent risk.

We are the only advisory firm formed by the vastly experienced best of industries Payroll & Labour law professionals, combined together and helping corporates to run error-free payroll and labour compliance. 

What we do

Our Service Portfolio

Payroll Processing
White, Blue & Gray Collar monthly payroll run
Labour Compliances
Filling Annual, Half-yearly returns
Compliance Audit
Check-Sheet based audit and Health Report
Buyer, Certification People Prospect HR Audit
Pre-Check before Buyer & Certification Audit

How we do

Our Approach

Based on the payroll input received from the client; our expert process in our own developed payroll framework. The system generates all pre-requisite registers, statutory ECR, and JV files for salary credit.  

There are certain Payroll & Labour compliances that are mandatory for any of the corporates to fill within the timeline as per the prescribed format. Our Experts help clients to submit all labour Law compliance Returns to ensure 100% compliance.

Our experts conduct audits of your establishments and produce a compliance health check status periodically. Also, help to minimize the non-compliance risk with proactive audit findings and solutions.  

The pre-Check audit is exclusively conducted before the Buyer Social audit or to obtain certain certifications from authorities.  We also work with clients to restore all pre-requisite documentation as well as people practice as a culture to grant audit clearance.

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