Employee Consultation

We Provide 1:1 consultation to the employees looking for advice on any HR matters

We are here for you to advise, and assist any kind of HR issues that might have experienced or apprehend in due course of your employment. Our vastly experienced advisors' assistance is based on laws, company policies and practices and merit of your case.

Why we

What make us different


Every discussion with us is anonymous. We advise with our expertise based on your concern viz-a-viz legal, industry practices & process.


Every advise we made in view of law of the land. The experts are highly experienced and knowledgeable in all employment regulated laws.


We always provide solutions as an advise. We also assist in all legal and adjudication process, if require, based on merit of the case

We are the only advisory firm formed by the vastly experienced best of industries HR & Legal professionals, combined together and helping corporates and individuals to drive the right people practices. 

What we do

Our Service Portfolio

1:1 - Employee Consultation
Individual employee assistance
Employee Legal Consultation
Assistance employee on Legal Proceedings
Employee Mental Health Consultation
Assistance employee during difficult time
Employee Job Assistance
Assist employee to get jobs

How we do

Our Approach

The individual can book a meeting with us and share the concern. Based on the detailed understanding of the issue, we provide written advice along with the assistance we offer, 

Based on the merit of the case, we provide legal advice. Also assist in drafting petitions for court cases or reply letters for any show-cause, charge sheet, or termination/discharge.  

Our industrial psychologists are highly experienced in providing mental consultation and assistance to come out from a difficult situation in quick time.

Our Job Assistance program is exclusively made for experienced professionals, who had a break from service due to untoward situations, career- breaks etc. Our advisory networks and referrals help to resume employment in a quick time 

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