ER & IR Consultations

The Experts advise corporates on an effective way of managing the employee & industrial relations

The best of industries experts provide possible and legitimate advice to corporates on effective management of employee & industrial relations to minimize risk from compliance and violations of employment-regulated labour laws.

Why we

What make us different


Best of Industries expert network helps corporates to take proactive approach to minimize ER & IR Risk for the business also improve employee satisfaction


Every advise we made in view of law of the land, the experts are highly experienced and knowledgeable in all employment regulated laws.


We always provide solutions as an advise. We also assist in all legal and adjudication process, if require, based on merit of the case

We are the only advisory firm formed by the vastly experienced best of industries HR & Legal professionals, combined together and helping corporates and individuals to drive the right ER/IR practices. 

What we do

Our Service Portfolio

Employee Grievance Redressal
Record & Review of Grievances
Employee Discipline, Code of Conduct, POSH & Ethics Management
Enquiry, Show-cause, Charge Sheet, Warning, Termination
Contract Labour Management
Manage Contractors as a MSA, MSP
Training on Effective People Management
Train Supervisors, Managers about People Management Skills & different Employment Laws

How we do

Our Approach

We offered an online platform to register employees’ grievances.  Conduct periodical reviews and provide redressal through client recognized grievance redressal committee.  

We conduct an anonymous investigation through our high expertise professionals and submit an Enquiry Report. Also Prepare Show-cause, Charge sheet, Warning, Termination, and Discharge letters for the corporates to minimize future legal litigations.  

We sign-off with client as Master Service Agreement (MSA) or Master Service Partner (MSP) and work as an interface between the client  and contractors to reduce liabilities and do ensure all contractor’s hiring, compliance, grievance, payroll and ER/IR issues.   

Conduct exclusive training sessions for supervisors, and managers on “Effective People Management Skills” in the practice of different employment acts & rules and legal violations.

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