What we Offer

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Employee Consultation

We Provide 1:1 consultation to the employees looking for advice on any HR matters

We are here for you to advise, and assist any kind of HR issues that might have experienced or apprehend in due course of your employment. Our vastly experienced advisors' assistance is based on laws, company policies and practices and merit of your case.

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Hiring & Staffing

The experts help to hire the best talent at optimum cost and minimum time

We are the only few in the market, the group of highly experienced TA & recruiters who all have decades of experience has joined together to support corporates to hire the best talents at reasonable cost and time.  We had expertise in all levels i.e. Trainee to Executive hiring including Blue & Gray collar hiring for the industries. 

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ER & IR Consultations

The Experts advise corporates on an effective way of managing the employee & industrial relations

The best of industries experts provide possible and legitimate advice to corporates on effective management of employee & industrial relations to minimize risk from compliance and violations of employment-regulated labour laws.

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Payroll & Compliances

Assist corporates to compute error-free payroll with ensuring 100% labour compliance

Payroll & Labour Compliance are the key functions of any corporate to ensure greater employee satisfaction and prevent the risk of non-compliance. Our domain experts are agile to manage the end-2-end payroll & labour compliance, filing returns & others for the clients. 

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Talent Management & Engagement

The Experts advise corporates to build a robust talent development and engagement framework

We provide tools to build a highly competent, competitive, and engaging team to manage the complex business challenges in today's VUCA world.  We also drive engagement surveys to assess the employee's pulse and expectations.

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Setup HR Process for Startups

Advice Startups to build a fast and effective people model to structure human capital in more efficiently

We help Startups to design HR functions, policies, and processes in a cost-effective and fast-track manner.  We also deploy implants onsite in client place to manage the end2end hire to retire HR functions for the startups.

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