Objectives of Human Resource Management

Objectives of Human Resource Management, Objectives of HRM

The primary objective of HRM is to ensure the availability of competent and willing workforce for an organization. Beyond this, there are other objectives too. Specifically, HRM objectives are four fold: Societal, Organization, Functional and personal.

What are the Objectives of Human Resource Management, Explain the Objectives of Human Resource Management, Outline the Objectives of Human Resource Management

Personal Objectives of Human Resource Management, Personal Objectives of HRM

  • Personal Objectives: To assist Employees in achieving their personal goals, at least in so far as these goals enhance the individual’s contribution to the organization. Personal objectives of employees must be maintained, retained and motivated.

Functional Objectives of Human Resource Management, Functional Objectives of HRM

  • Functional Objectives: To maintain the contribution of department at an appropriate level organization should fulfill the needs. Resources are wasted when HRM is either more or less sophisticated to suit the organizations demands.

Organisational Objectives of Human Resource Management, Organisational Objectives of HRM

  • Organizational Objectives: To recognize the role of HRM in bringing about organizational effectiveness, HRM is not an end in itself but it is only a mean to assist the organization with its primary objectives organization.

Societal Objectives of Human Resource Management, Societal objectives of HRM, Social objectives of HRM

  • Social Objectives: To be ethically & socially responsible for the needs and challenges of society while minimizing the negative impact of such demands upon the organization to use their resources for society’s benefits in ethical ways may lead to restriction.

Learning Objectives of Human Resource Management

  • Learning Objective: to know about Human Resources. know about the uneven distribution of population. to differentiate between population growth and population change. to understand how humans contribute in Nations development.

List out the Objectives of Human Resource Management

Other objectives:

  • Accomplish the basic organizational goals by creating and utilizing an able and motivated workforce.
  • To establish and maintain organizational structure and desirable working relationships among all the members ofthe organization.
  • Develop co-ordination among individual and group within organization to secure the integration of organization.
  • To create facilities and opportunities for individual or group development so as to match it with the growth ofthe organization.
  • To attain an effective utilization of human resources in the achievement of rganizational goals.
  • To identify and satisfy individual and group needs by providing adequate and equitable wages, incentives, employee benefits and social security and measures for challenging work, prestige, recognition, security, status.
  • To maintain high employees morale and human relations by sustaining and improving the various conditions and facilities.
  • To strengthen and appreciate the human assets continuously by providing training and development programs.
  • To consider and contribute to the minimization ofsocio-economic evils such as unemployment, under employment, inequalities in the distribution of income and wealth and to improve the welfare ofthe society by providing employment opportunities to women and disadvantaged sections ofthe society.
  • To provide an opportunity for expression and voice management.
  • To provide fair, acceptable and efficient leadership.
  • To provide facilities and conditions of work and creation of favorable atmosphere for maintaining stability of employment.
  • To create & utilize an able & motivated work force Establish & maintain sound organizational structure Create facilities attain an effective utilization Identify & satisfy individual & group needs.
  • Maintain high employee morale Training & development Opportunity for expression Provide fair, acceptable and efficient leadership Facilities and conditions.

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Objectives of Human Resource Development

Four Objectives of Human Resources Development are :

  • To Provide A Comprehensive Platform For The Development Of Human Resources In The Organisation
  • To provide a climate for employees to discover, develop, and use their knowledge for the betterment of organisation
  • To retain, attract and motivate the talented employees
  • To facilitate systematic generation of information.

To provide a comprehensive platform for the development of Human Resources In the organisation:

Every HRD programmed starts with providing a framework within the organisation so that employees develop on their own-on the job.

Employees would be given freedom to express their feeling with the superiors. The superiors also respect the feelings of employees and suggest them (not in a critical tone) so that they develop.

To provide a climate for employees to discover, develop, and use their knowledge for the betterment of organisation:

Another basic objective of HRD programmer is to create a work climate in the organisation whereby the employees contribute their best in the organisation. Every employee, in an HRD programmer, is given full freedom to exhibit his skills, talents and knowledge for the benefit of enterprise. Innovative ideas and schemes would be encouraged and appreciated in the organisation.

To retain, attract and motivate the talented employees:

An organisation concluding HRD programme has the tendency of attracting and retaining the talented employees.

People would get an impression that organisation is providing a convenient platform to fully stretch their capacities and the talented people would get motivated when their intelligence and knowledge get recognized and acknowledged by the organisation. Organisations lacking in HRD programmes would least motivate the productive and effective employees.

To facilitate systematic generation of information:

An HRD programme facilitates the organisation to get access to information on human resources for planning, development, placement, career planning and succession planning.

Objectives of Human Resource Management pdf, Objectives of HRM pdf

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