HR Role in Talent Management

Features of HR Software

Features of HR Software

5 Essential Features for HR Software are:

  • Centralized Employee Database: The biggest problem with spreadsheets is that you have to change, edit, and update every detail yourself. A centralized employee database solves that by keeping the information in an interactive database that can integrate into other programs. It updates across the board when information is changed so that everything is up-to-date all the time. You never have to worry about conflicting versions, or editing multiple files. All the work is done for you.
  • Automated Time Off: Time off can be a hassle to calculate, track, and use. With the right system features, you can specify the way time off is calculated, and the system will automate the adjustment each time an employee takes a paid leave.
  • Employee Self-Service: These days, employees expect on-demand access to the systems they use. Give them the freedom to access their PTO, employment information, tax documents, and so forth, with HR software that has self-service features built in. With the right platform, employees can access their profile from anywhere with an Internet connection. They should be able to request time off, review benefits, track training, and more.
  • HR Reporting: Important to both HRMS and a good Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is the ability to create reports. From reports on employee absences to ones indicating when most employees spend their PTO, to statistics on the disposition of new hires, a robust reporting feature can make the most of your data, and save you a lot of time.
  • Applicant Management: Managing applicants can be just as complicated as managing employees. With applicant management, you have access to a central database for organizing job openings, as well as managing the information of applicants to those openings. What’s more, it makes it a lot easier to keep potential employee information on file for future reference. Between job posting and onboarding, the whole process will run much smoother with applicant management.

HR Software can help in Managing, Benefits of HR Software

  • Improved Efficiency: By automating all the prime HR activities such as hiring, onboarding, payroll processing, time and attendance tracking, etc., an HR software helps reduce the administrative burden on HR leaders. This augments the productivity of the HR personnel for value-added projects that matter most to the business and workforce.
  • Reduced Manual Errors: By implementing an HR software in your organization, you can reduce the odds of manual errors by half. Manual data entry in payroll can cost an organization tons of time and money. That’s why organizations worldwide are moving onto HR software to manage their entire workforce. HR software is generally integrated with your payroll system, thus making it easy to run payroll with accuracy.
  • Improved Compliances: This is among one of the major benefits of using HR software. The use of HR software ensures that your organization is complying with regulations at the state and federal levels. Given the benefits of HR software, HR managers rely heavily on HR software to monitor and report on compliance. Specific compliance areas where HR software is helping organizations are GDPR compliance, right-to-work checks, and health and safety training compliance.
  • Better Decision Making: HR analytics drive better decision-making. Easy access to data empowers HR teams to develop future workforce plans and predict turnover in critical roles. Organizations can leverage this data to design effective programs to improve both employees’ and company’s performance and foster a healthy work culture.
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement: Many organizations struggle with a low employee engagement issue. However, it’s something that can be improved with proper management. Organizations can boost employee engagement by taking the pulse of employees’ sentiments using the sentiment analysis tools. They can also conduct regular polls and surveys, and exchange continuous feedback.

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Best HR Software

The Best Global Companies provides HR Software are:

  • Workday HCM
  • SAP Success Factor
  • ServiceNow HR Service Delivery
  • Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM
  • ADB Workforce Now

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Like Global Companies, there are many Local, national Players are also acquire HR Software market share in every countries. Few of the well reputed companies are:

  • Zimyo: Zimyo, a leading HRMS and Payroll provider has captured the market with its extraordinary suite of services. Known for providing the number one employee experience, Zimyo is a one-stop solution for all your HR needs. To know more click here.
  • Bamboo HR: BambooHR is a smart HR management platform for the efficient management of the modern workforce. It is an all-in-one HR software that helps small and medium business owners to manage all aspects of the employee lifecycle. To know more click here.
  • sumHR: When its “all-in-one” HR software, sumHR is exactly what I am talking about. It is a comprehensive HR software in India that helps startups and SMEs automate their core HR and payroll processes. To know more click here.
  • Darwin Box: Darwin Box is an end-to-end HCM platform that helps organizations automate HR processes including recruitment, onboarding, and core transactions. Besides automating core HR processes, the software also helps HR leaders manage payroll, performance, and employee engagement activities. To know more click here.
  • Pocket HRMS: If you are looking for an end-to-end HR platform that can help you streamline all your HR processes, then Pocket HRMS can be the right choice for you. This SaaS-based HRMS provides flexibility and scalability to your HR professionals, which brings mobility to work. To know more click here.
  • factoHR: factoHR is a smart HR and payroll software that is enabling organizations to enhance their employee experiences with the help of cutting-edge tools and technology. From managing HR tasks right from hiring to exit management factoHR is your one-stop solution for managing your workforce. To know more click here.

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Following are the HR Software companies provides free demo for certain users.

  • Kredily: Kredily is a free cloud-based HR & Payroll software in India. Manage employee data, leaves, track attendance & automate payroll. For Demo Click here.
  • greytHR: greytHR provides free cloud-based HR & Payroll software in India. Manage your employee data. Process payroll with a single click. For Demo Click here.
  • SumoPayroll: SumoPayroll is India’s fast growing free online payroll management software hosted on cloud. Fast & Reliable. For Demo Click here.

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Following are the Best Payroll software’s:-

  • Ramco Global Payroll is recognized by Top Analyst firms. For Demo click here.
  • ADP India: Outsourced payroll solutions tailored to your business goals, size of business & location. For Demo click here.
  • Zoho Payroll is cloud-based payroll management software that helps you offer a polished payroll process to employees and streamline your payroll operations. For Demo click here.

HR Software for Recruitment

Following are most popular Recruitment Process Softwares:

  • Freshworks:– Recruitment software streamlines candidates management, brings all candidate information and communication under one roof and gives the entire recruitment team. For Demo click here.
  • The Talent Pool: Manage multiple sources – Job portals, Social media, Legacy, Emails, Duplicate detection. No more manual work, Hire best talent from industry instantly, reduce cost of hiring. For demo click here.

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