Managing OD & OC Initiatives to Improve Employee Satisfaction Level

We help to Enhance Employee Experience

In today’s ever-changing economy, to being competitive and customer-friendly are important for any business. People of any organization play a key role to the accelerated growth of the company.  Today most organizations are building a people-centric culture where employees are more engaged with the company objectives, vision, and mission. As a part of our continuous listening initiatives, we “HRadvisors4u” conduct many employee satisfaction, your voice matter & many other surveys to understand the voice of employees. Based on the survey results and followed by a “focus group discussion” we freamwork short, mid & long-term action plans for the organization focus on improvement of employee satisfaction levels. Following a few of our Organisation Development and Organisation Change initiatives which our team had conducted recently for the clients:-  

  • Automation in Blue-Collar employee management system right from hiring to employment closure
  • Build Talent Mobility framework to create Succession pipeline for Leadership roles
  • Create Reward Philosophy in mind of Employee Value Propositions
  • Restructure of Job Grade and Career Band to Retain Talent with Transparent Career Path
Blue Collar Automation
Create Successor
Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
Create Career Path with Job Grade & Band

Every Organisation always tried to hire the best candidates. But many times we have seen, the management do not find it important to hear people's voice about their experiences with the company. We, HRadvsiors4u conduct many employee surveys and followed by different organizational development and organization changes actions which translate into better employee satisfaction, higher retention and importantly more productive workforce.    

What our customer Talked about Us

We had conducted "employee satisfaction" survey with many renowned companies but we have never seen the ownership, the ""HRadvisors4u" taken post their survey. The focus group discussion has unfold many of the people challenges which came out as first time after conducting more-than a decade of our business. The professional team has helped us to framework a action plan and with that, today we have created a different employee propositions for our company.

Meghna Bhagwani

Owner of a MSME Mfg Co.
Usually the employee survey, companies conduct to record the voice of the employees. But the "HRadvisors4u" conduct this excerice as tool to read the organisation climate. The profession team has added value in many of the existing available employee policies, practices which resulted much higher responses and acceptance among the employees. We sincerely thanks to the entire HRadvisors4u team for helping and guiding to improve our employee satisfaction level for the organisation.

Rakesh Varma

Sr. Manager - C&B in a Engineering Co.

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