Hired 250 Tech, Non-Tech Talent within a month for a Ecommerce Client

Build Supply Chain, Tech Platform and Corporate Team

The client is a newcomer to the eCommerce space in India and would like to launch a product in a very short time. With the cost, brand value and time in mind, we create a Talent sourcing strategy for the client. Our HRadvisors4u professional networks had enabled acceleration in hiring through University relations, Employee Referral, Horizontal Deployment, Social Media Search optimization & Own Database resources. The small groups traveled across locations, create brand visibility issued SPOT offers, introduce referrals and create a robust talent pipeline for efficient hiring across locations in India. Following few of the tools provide the fastest hiring solutions for our clients :-

  • As soon a Job Post in our own portal; it automatically notifies our networks
  • AI Enabled; Recommended Candidate list auto display for shortlisting of profiles
  • The expert Professionals conduct candidate video screening for Job match
  • Release Offer LOI based on client initial selection to retain potential candidates
Exclusive Own Developed Job Portal
Candidate Auto Shortlisting
Video Screening for Job Match
Early Offer Release & Candidate Experience

There are "n" numbers of hiring & Staffing service providers available in the market but most are proprietors or individual-driven firms which results in delay or dependency in hiring execution.  We, the HRadvisors4u a professional network helped our clients to ramp-up talents fastest like anyone to enable our own developed tools and engagement strategies. The maximized candidate experiences also boost our talent pipeline through referral and organic branding.

What our customer Talked about Us

We have been sign-off agreements with many of the Staffing companies during our product launch but only few had succeed. Among them, HRadvisors4u one of the best, even couple of vendors are now following their tools as enabler for their success. Thank you to the entire professional team of HRadvisors4u for your swift support and assistance in our manpower ramp-up.

Smriti Gupta

Talent Acquisition Head - of a Ecommerce Startup
Ever we introduced our prototype, for scale-up, we found hiring always a challenge in this competitive ecosystem. HRadvisors4u make simple. They not only hired on time also the Talent Branding and Talent Pipeline they made for us, its phenomenon. We have signed-off HRadvisors4u now in other HR functions as well to take the competative advantages from other players.

Sahil Gupta

Co-founder of a Ecommerce Startups

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